Joe GulloHello, I’m Joe Gullo, the digital content manager for the local television stations WTEN and WXXA in Albany, New York.

Creating visually and compelling content is my specialty. Stories are more than a click or pageviews. It’s a way for me to connect with you and share experiences, ideas, emotions, and thoughts.

I’ve been dabbling in creating and managing websites since I was in middle school. I had my first website on a floppy drive and never looked back.

My journey into digital media may surprise you. Mainly because I never intended on doing it in the first place.

Ever since I was young, I had a passion for weather. I wanted to become the next Jim Cantore on The Weather Channel. Years later, I would find myself studying at the same school as him.

While my childhood dream didn’t materialize into a career, I left Lyndon State College a stronger and more determined person. In 2009, I transferred to Plattsburgh State University to continue my degree in broadcast journalism.

I later graduated from Plattsburgh State with a degree in broadcast journalism and landed a job as the digital content producer at WVNY and WFFF in Burlington, Vermont.

During my time there, I helped create and manage the station’s mobile app, write news content for the website, manage the station’s social media and digital properties.

After a little more than 4 years, I left and took a job a little closer to home in Albany as the digital content manager. I oversee the content that gets posted on the station’s digital properties and help mentor the web staff in creating engaging content.

In my spare time, I use this blog as a way to connect and share my experiences. I blog about what inspires me, digital media news, technology, and current events.

When I’m not at my computer, I’m enjoying the company of my wife Dana and my family, catching up on my shows, photography, traveling, and grabbing a bite to eat at our favorite hotspots.

My favorite part about sharing stories is hearing and reading the reactions to it. I don’t view my readers as another number in my analytics dashboard. I view social media and blogs as a conversation. What’s on your mind today?

Terms of Use

You may not remove any material, images, video, social media content off of this page without prior written approval.

If you would like to use any material on this website or social media profiles please contact me.


Even though I’m a journalist, I do have opinions and feelings about events going on in the world. I believe everyone’s view of the world is as unique as their fingerprint. My promise is that in my reporting, it will be objective and represent the truth.

With that said, all opinions expressed on this website do not represent the views of my employer and are strictly my own.